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:iconkeychi-fim: I know this is a bit late, as the wow movie goes, but she did a great Job.
Hell If keychi gave up doing pony reviews for movie ones I'd be stoked!  You should watch and like keep her motivated.

In other news I talk about lightning sword, past analysis, someone from tumblr  :iconvalkyrstudios:
harp cast, a bunch of other nonsense. 

Wubcake and mayde Join Limbo podcast 
:iconedyammies:  as well as cohosts mindless gonzo
Keychi fim :iconkeychi-fim:
and secret Dreamer
Mental note to buy art work of Wubcake her stuff is amazing

:iconflairnightz:    :iconbritish--ninja:  :iconkeychi-fim:   :iconthesecretdreamermlp:
Keychi breaking balls and hearts sense 1998

:iconflairnightz:  :iconbritish--ninja: 
:iconredemption2r:  Double thanks for manga putting up with me.

Had some thoughts to share, speaking of which,
:iconflameamigo619: ,
I was on roundtable!
Come show your love and support

Speaking of podcasts
Cider from pub crawl discusses his near fatal impaling

First things first MWA! THis podcast!  OH my God this podcast!

Is soooooooooooooooooo good!  The cohosts
:iconcrowneprince:   :iconflameamigo619:

:icongreentl:            If only all the shows are half as good as this one.

Secondly I had something Kinda big I can't talk about go South.  Not massively south, it was kinda important,
I'm an adult, And my minds telling me "nah its cool, we're cool, its all cool"
accept its not.
I wanna throw myself into my work, but it kinda knocked the wind out of me.
I'd do a drama video to get over the hump, but than it would feel like "oh your just doing that because your damaged."
So I'm kinda stuck here staring at the tv screen, not talking about it, not doing anything, just thinking about it.

Nobody really did anything bad, and it was handled as well as stitches being ripped out after a wound has healed.
That said it still hurt like hell, and your Uncle FNGR is a giant pussy.

You know that last part made me feel a little better.  I guess I didn't have to just think about it, out loud, with all you listening.

:iconredemption2r: :iconspirit--productions::iconlightning-bliss:
:icongoldenfoxda:     :icongreycat-rademenes:
and so many more, come take a look at the community I love and helped being me into brony.

the podcast talking about dj cider almost hurting himself going up on two wheels driving his car, or how he impaled his arm
should be up this week, Cider is a good friend of mine and the world would be alot more empty if he died.…

Unlike minty root, who made a deal with toon kritic and went behind his back like a true 4 chan pfcer and tried to sabotage him at phily con

:iconmintyroot:  Remember kids don't take pony fuck cast trash at their word, they'll lie every time.

Being the pfc fuck up he is, he did naturally fail.  This is the same guy who is friends with standing leaf who did an anti bulling panel with crazy pony man, aka silver stream, who's documented as stalking show staff.

But I guess 4 chan is gonna 4 chan.



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